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North Korea claims nuclear statehood with missile test

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has bragged that his country has achieved full nuclear statehood after successfully testing a new missile capable of hitting anywhere in the United States. The country abruptly ended a 10-week pause in its weapons testing on Tuesday when it fired off its most powerful intercontinental ballistic missile yet. It poses a new challenge for President Donald Trump who has vowed not to let North Korea develop nuclear missiles that can hit the US mainland. After watching the successful launch of the new type ICBM Hwasong-15, Kim Jong Un boasted about its success, according to a statement read out by state television broadcaster Ri Chun-Hee (inset). Pyongyang residents were spotted cheering in the streets after the launch (center). South Korea responded by firing pinpoint missiles out into the water aimed to counter North Korea's test (right). US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis warned on Tuesday that North Korea now has the ability to hit 'everywhere in the world' and that the latest missile test went 'higher, frankly, than any previous shot they have taken.' The Pentagon said the test missile traveled about 620 miles and landed within 200 nautical miles of Japan's coast. One physicist said the missile appeared to have a realistic range of just over 8,000 miles, which means Washington D.C. is now in range of Kim's attacks - and that Australia and Europe are too.?

Tampa 'serial killer' case has a new lead

The alleged Tampa serial killer has been arrested and charged with murdering four people. Howell Donaldson was arrested after police received a tip from a McDonalds Tuesday afternoon about a man with a gun and brought him in for questioning. The 24-year-old was brought in after a gun was recovered from the scene. Donaldson, who goes by Trei, has been charged with four counts of first degree murder and accused of fatally shooting (from left to right) Benjamin Mitchell, Monica Hoffa, Anthony Naiboa and Ronald Felton. Gail Rogers works at the McDonalds with Donaldson, and said he walked into the restaurant in his work uniform and handed the manger a loaded 9mm handgun on Tuesday morning. He allegedly asked the manager to hold the gun for him while he ran out for an errand, but they instead alerted an officer who was in the restaurant doing work and the officer called for backup.

Armed robber pulls off heist of the Bellagio Casino

An armed robber described as a white male wearing a mask and a wig demanded an unspecified amount of money from the Bellagio Hotel & Casino on Tuesday. Fleeing soon after, the man is still on the run and police are looking for a silver Chevrolet Cruze with Nevada license plates. Actor James Woods was at the Bellagio at the time and was able to live tweet the events surrounding the robbery.

A Canadian man pleaded guilty Tuesday in San Francisco to charges stemming from a massive breach at Yahoo! that authorities say was directed by two Russian intelligence agents.

The United States Marshals Service announced on Tuesday that William Lawrence was arrested Monday at a fast-food restaurant on the island of Kauai.

Eric Trump tries to defend Donald over Pocahontas jibe

Eric Trump attempted to defend his father on Twitter for calling a fellow politician 'Pocahontas' during an event honoring Navajo war veterans and the Internet eviscerated his apparent struggles with 'context.' The president's jibe at Senator Elizabeth Warren- calling her Pocahontas- was made during a ceremony honoring the Native American's who helped America win World War II. Eric tweeted: 'The irony of an ABC reporter (whose parent company Disney has profited nearly half a billion dollars on the movie 'Pocahontas') inferring that the name is 'offensive' is truly staggering to me.' One Twitter user simply explained the difference between the movie and calling the senator the same moniker was different because 'bruh that movie was about Pocahontas,' Twitter user Pat Dennis wrote.

Families of Navajo war veterans decried comments the president made calling a senator 'Pocahontas' while he was supposed to be honoring them for their service during World War II.

Ahmed Abu Khatallah was accused of being a ringleader in the September 11, 2012 attack in Libya which killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other US nationals.

Meghan Markle posed outside Buckingham Palace aged 15

PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: Posing outside Buckingham Palace, as millions of foreign tourists have done over the years, little could Miss Markle know that 21 years later she would be engaged to a member of the Royal family. The remarkable image, taken during a European summer trip in 1996 with her friend Ninaki Priddy, has emerged the day after her engagement to Prince Harry was celebrated around the world.And while the love story between the American divorcee and the fifth-in-line to the British throne has surprised and delighted royal watchers around the world, one person saw it coming – and has warned Prince Harry to be cautious. I’m not shocked at all', said Ms Priddy. 'It’s like she has been planning this all her life.'

The visit, less than two weeks after Miss Markle arrived from Canada, will begin an intensive six-month tour of the UK, with the prince 'looking forward' to introducing his fiancee to the public.

What makes Prince Harry's fiancée Meghan Markle truly remarkable is that she is not some unknown ingénue plucked from a sanitised line-up of selected debutantes, writes SARAH VINE

Meghan's heartbreak at the life she must leave behind

Meghan Markle has finally found her Prince Charming - but it has come at a huge cost, with the American actress forced to give up on many of her passions. Prince Harry's fiancee had to make the heartbreaking decision to leave behind her dog Bogart (main) after moving to the UK to start her new life, as the pet is thought to be too old to fly overseas. The 36-year-old has also given up on her career as an actress so she can take up full royal commitments in Britain, bringing an end to her run as Rachel Zane in the hit series Suits (left inset), the show which brought her to prominence. Kensington Palace confirmed that Miss Markle's new role would also force her to give up her charity work with the United Nations, plus her role as patron at organisations including World Vision Canada (top left, in Botswana) and One Young World. She has already moved out of her two-bedroom home in Toronto (bottom left) according to reports, as she prepares to settle down with Prince Harry (right inset) in his Nottingham Cottage, within the grounds of Kensington Palace.

Miss Markle, who comes Los Angeles, will go through the lengthy application process just like a normal citizen, despite plans to marry Harry in May at Windsor Castle.

Miss Markle, from Los Angeles, will be both baptised and confirmed as she prepares for her church wedding at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, with Prince Harry, in May.

Meghan Markle's very revealing online pictures

As a social media devotee, Meghan Markle posted often on her Instagram page and her now-shut lifestyle website, The Tig. And these old posts shed a fascinating light on our latest royal. In her Instagram, Miss Markle shows her support for Hillary Clinton, screenshots of conversations with her father, and trendy bedtime reading. She also shares a mantra or two - including 'Strong women intimidate boys and excite men'. In other images she shows off shampoo from the hair brand Oribe, make up from Dior and dozens of other beauty products.

Thomas Markle, 73, who is currently living in Mexico, met his future son-in-law in January, but it has not yet been confirmed whether or not he will walk his daughter down the aisle.

From cases to castles! Meghan Markle starred as a scantily-clad 'suitcase girl' on Deal or No Deal - ten years before getting engaged to Prince Harry

Actress Meghan, 36, worked on the US version of the show from 2006 to 2007, serving as one of 26 models on the show, all of whom carried a numbered case. Inside the metal briefcase was an amount money ranging from one penny to $1 million, with contestants attempting to weed out the tiniest amounts. Meghan revealed in a 2013 interview that she took the job in order to 'make ends meet' while auditioning for other acting roles. Meghan quit her role in the hit series Suits in order to move to the UK, where she will live in a cottage in the grounds of Kensington Palace with Prince Harry, 33. The couple are due to wed at Windsor Castle in May 2018.

Prince Harry was seen leaving his gym in Chelsea, West London with his royal protection officer after a workout this afternoon, but his new fiancée Meghan Markle was nowhere to be seen.

Violet von Westenholz is an old friend of the prince and worked alongside his future fiancee Meghan Markle (pictured together) in the days before it is believed she and the royal went on their first date.

Meghan Markle's low-key mother Doria Ragland got back to work on Tuesday after her daughter's engagement to Prince Harry was revealed - and said she is 'very happy' about the wedding.

Fashion designer Misha Nonoo, 31, and Meghan Markle met some years ago after being seated next to one another during a lunch in Miami, and soon became firm friends.

Monica Lewinsky hits out at CNN's HLN TV over documentary

The former White House intern whose affair with then-President Bill Clinton led to his impeachment has a message for the world – don’t call it the ‘Monica Lewinsky scandal.’ Lewinsky on Tuesday took to Twitter and hit out at CNN’s HLN network for promoting a new two-hour documentary looking back at the saga. ‘HLN to revisit “The Monica Lewinsky Scandal” with two-hour special,’ read the announcement on Twitter. Lewinsky re-tweeted the post – but with the words ‘The Monica Lewinsky Scandal’ crossed out. Instead, she drew two arrows and wrote new titles, including ‘The Starr Investigation’ and ‘The Clinton Impeachment.’

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning fights back tears after being BENCHED for the first time in 13 years, ending his streak of 210 straight starts

Giants coach Ben McAdoo announced Tuesday that franchise quarterback Eli Manning (pictured left and right) won't start Sunday's game in Oakland, ending his streak of 210 consecutive regular-season starts. McAdoo and Giants general manager Jerry Reese will spend the final five games of the season evaluating backup quarterbacks Geno Smith (inset) and rookie Davis Webb because the team sits at just 2-9 and has been eliminated from playoff contention. Manning's consecutive-start streak ranks second all-time among quarterbacks behind Brett Favre, who had 297.

Whoppin' mad! Burger King manager is caught on video berating pregnant customer for taking too long to order

Lizzie Ramsey had gone through a Newark, Ohio, Burger King drive-thru on Wednesday morning when a manager rushed her to 'hurry up.' Ramsey went inside and filmed a screaming match with the manager, who told her that she should have come inside to order and cussed at her. The video has more than 364,000 views on Facebook and many who are in the area claim that the behavior isn't all too new from that particular staff. Burger King sent Ramsey a giftcard but did not comment on the status of the employee.

What you shouldn't share with the world on social media

A new collection of Facebook fails shows exactly why you should think before you post on social media. From the criminal who taunts police looking for him to the smartphone user who tries to take a photo of a 'hot girl' on public transport - but then forgets they've left the flash on.

NEW After spending years struggling in one of the worst economic depressions to ever hit an American city, Detroit is making a comeback with the help of beer.

A New Jersey woman who got roadside aid from a homeless man in Philadelphia has raised more than $385,000 for him - enough to buy a home and his dream truck and even a small salary.

Parole recommend for 'Evil Twin'

A Southern California woman convicted of conspiring to kill her identical twin sister in the 1990s has been recommended for parole after spending nearly two decades in prison, according to a report published Tuesday.
In a case that made international headlines, Jeen 'Gina' Han - dubbed the 'evil twin' by police - was sentenced to 26 years to life in May 1998. Han and two others were found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder, burglary and false imprisonment.

Two of Roy Moore's staffers have been caught on camera shoving a pair of Fox News photojournalists outside an Alabama rally for the embattled Republican Senate candidate.

Ivanka takes on the mantle as chief diplomat in India

Ivanka Trump wowed India in remarks at a global conference this week, where she promoted women’s entrepreneurship and talked up ‘our administration’s’ commitment to gender parity. Hailed by an Indian official as 'arguably the most powerful woman in the world' as she was introduced before a panel at the summit on Wednesday. Trump, a senior White House adviser,?stepped into the role of chief diplomat at the U.S. sponsored summit that's been held annually for past eight years and was located this year in the IT-savvy city of Hyderabad. Rex Tillerson, the U.S. secretary of state, did not attend the summit that his predecessor, John Kerry, and the former president of the United States, Barack Obama, attended at several turns in the past.

A federal judge ruled in favor of President Trump on Tuesday in his effort to appoint an acting head of the nation's top financial watchdog agency, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Twitter drags Melania over 'creepy' White House decor

Melania Trump was said so have 'personally selected' most of the Christmas decor for this year's 'time honored traditions' theme, according to Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. But while most rooms featured, warm and welcoming displays, one room looked more frightening than festive. The eerie, twig-lined hallway has been compared to everything from The Shining to the Adam's Family after White House communications director Stephanie Grisham shared a photo of the room on Sunday. Now hundreds of people have flocked social media to mock the first lady's unusual artistic choice.

The cable news giant says that President Donald Trump's 'continued attacks on freedom of the press and CNN' has prompted the network to decline the invite to this year's party at the White House.

Rep. Luis Guttierez, who just before Thanksgiving filed articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, is ending his own career in Congress.

'Zay Jones has heard of gravity but has no use for it!' Social media in a frenzy after Buffalo Bills receiver appears to levitate back up after dropping a pass

During a Sunday NFL football game between the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs, Bills's wide receiver Zay Jones 'levitated' off the ground after missing a pass. At the game where the Bills would eventually win 16 to 10, Jones dove for a long incomplete pass. He pops back up as if in reverse soon after. The impressive move looked almost robotic but the live action shot dazzled those who had to repeatedly replay the footage to check if it was real.

FEMAIL spoke to leading fertility nurse, Pru Sweeten, to find out how men and women can increase their fertility fitness. The tips include paying attention to diet and lifestyle factors.


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Experts date Jerusalem tomb of Jesus to Roman times

The discovery was made by experts from the National Technical University of Athens who worked to restore the Edicule shrine (left), which houses the tomb, at Jerusalem's Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The tomb itself features a long?shelf, or burial bed, which Christian tradition says is where Jesus was laid to rest, following his crucifixion, surrounded by a marble covering (top right). When the marble cladding was opened in October, 2016, an older slab of marble was found resting on top of the original limestone surface of the burial bed (bottom right). Mortar between these two layers has been dated to the 4th Century AD, when the first Christian Roman emperor, Constantine, is said to have ordered the tomb be enshrined in a new church after his envoys discovered the tomb beneath an older temple, dedicated to the goddess Venus.

Developmental disabilities continue to become increasingly common in American children, according to the latest figures from the CDC. The numbers add to an ongoing 15-year trend.

Researchers from the University at Buffalo analysed nine 'Yeti' specimens - including bone, tooth, skin, hair and faecal samples - collected in the Himalayas and Tibetan Plateau.

The three companies said they aim to build a demonstration plane by 2020 and a production model by 2030. It will use a single electric engine alongside three conventional jet engines.

Prince Miteb was among dozens of Saudi royal family members, ministers and current and former senior officials who were rounded up in an inquiry into alleged corruption.

Off-duty Arizona cop, Jared Elkins (pictured), 33, pleaded not guilty on Monday to sexually assaulting a woman while he was in San Diego. Officials said the woman was 'too drunk' to consent.

Miss Russia finalist Anastasia Reshetova's big feet mocked

Russian eauty queen Anastasia Reshetova, 21, was teased over the size of her feet after she shared a scantily-clad bikini picture on Instagram (left). Cruel trolls branded her feet 'flippers' and said they distracted from the rest of the image. But other fans spoke out to defend Anastasia (right and inset), saying 'it is not the worst thing in the world. Anastasia, who was a runner-up in Miss Russia 2014, has previously been bullied over her weight.

British magazine Country Life has offered a helping hand to hosts and guests everywhere with advice on the dos and don’ts of canapés.

The fossil skull and rib cage of a sea cow - an animal that roamed 25 million years ago - were unearthed on Santa Rosa Island in California. Manatees and dugong favor the animal today.

UFC fighter Conor McGregor is believed to have been involved in a pub brawl on Sunday night in Crumlin, south Dublin along with a man who is an associate of a major crime boss.

John McAfee, the 71-year-old antivirus software inventor started firing bullets into the walls and ceiling of his Tennessee home when his aggressive dogs started barking wildly.

Michael Joe Adkins has avoided jail time and instead was given probation and 50 years of supervision for impregnating an 11-year-old girl at his West Virginia home in 2011.

Police are searching for a group of teens who beat a 57-year-old homeless man to death leaving his relatives and friends devastated. Kevin Cullen died on Monday - 13 hours after the attack.

Marijuana is Chalfonte LeNee Queen's best hope for managing her anxiety and pain while caring for her disabled daughter in their San Diego home, even if it does cause her vomiting and pain.

Single woman Emily shares her family's Christmas card

Emily Seawright from California shared a picture of her family's Christmas card on Twitter, which pokes fun at her single, childless status. The card shows her parents and siblings holding signs that say, 'Excited', 'Engaged' and 'Expecting', however Emily's sign simply reads, 'Emily'. The picture has gone viral with many women sharing they too are Emily, however the original idea for the photo came from another family who posed in a similar manner in 2016.

The $80 i.Con Smart Condom is a ring-shaped device that uses a nano-chip and other sensors to measure several variables, including girth and duration of a session. It can also detect STIs.

Researchers from the UK and Brazil, found dogs' mouth-licking may be linked to their perception of human emotions, acting as a way for them to communicate in response to visual cues of anger.

Researchers from the University of Bristol have examined the fossilised remains of a crow-sized dinosaur called Anchiornis found in museums in China and Germany. .

A biology teacher, Gabrielle Bauman (pictured), 25, pleaded no contest on Monday to an alleged six-month sexual relationship with one of her teen students.

One of the most common questions regarding dental health is whether flossing is necessary. FEMAIL spoke to Sydney dentist Dr Luke Cronin, who helped settle the age-old debate.

The app for the Pixel phone uses its front facing camera along with AI to scan for faces. When it spots a second person looking at the screen, it alerts the user.

Mariah Woods missing in North Carolina

Three-year-old Mariah Kay Woods (left and being held by her mom on the right) has been missing from Jacksonville, North Carolina since Monday morning. Her mother, Kristy Woods (in dress, right image), last saw her after tucking her into bed at 11pm on Sunday. She says her live-in boyfriend (Earl Kimrey, left in right image) saw Mariah at midnight when she came out of her room and he told her to go back to bed. She was officially reported missing just after 6am Monday morning. Search crews combed the woods surrounding the girl's home and looked for evidence of an abduction in the house and family car. On Monday, Kristy Woods made a tearful plea for her daughter's return.

A study from New York University says men have unwanted sex with women to conform to gender expectations and to avoid uncomfortable situations.

Some 86 per cent of children using social media to read stories recommended by friends make 'at least one practical attempt' to check the veracity of what they are reading.

Nakisha Newell, 28, a female corrections officer from Butler County, Ohio, has been charged with having sex with a male inmate and smuggling contraband into the county jail.

The Expedition 53 Commander tweeted breathtaking footage this week from a recent spacewalk on the International Space Station, captured with a Go-Pro.

Fragile-looking Mark Hamill lands in NYC in a wheelchair

He appeared in great shape when he surprised fans at Disneyland less than two weeks ago. But Mark Hamill looked a shadow of his normal self when he arrived at JFK Airport inNew York?in a wheelchair on Tuesday. The actor, 66, appeared slumped to one side and he was pushed along by airport staff - before later taking to Twitter to reassure his worried fans that it was all merely a ploy to?throw off autograph hunters who 'constantly badger' him.?

Veteran Marcus Nash, 30, helped deliver his daughter on the sidewalk after his fiance went into labor outside of their Atlanta home. He suffers from PTSD but said the birth was high-excitement.

Researchers from Queen Mary University of London aid such 'well-ornamented individuals' tend to be the most evolutionarily fit so if they are removed then the best genes are taken out of the population.

U.S. District Judge William Alsup agreed to Waymo's request to delay the trial, saying that 'if even half of what this letter is true it would be a huge injustice to force Waymo to go to trial'

Jack 'Deacon' Harris, 20, and his brother, Garrett, 18, were killed early Sunday when a wrong-way driver crashed head on into their car while they were heading back to school from break.

When social media bragging goes wrong

To many social media has become an everyday tool people use to share - or exaggerate - the best aspects of their lives. But the internet is also prime territory to embarrass themselves. Hilarious pictures capture the moment liars get outed online - from dishonest DJs to bumbling businessmen - these images show there's always someone waiting to topple a carefully built pack of lies.

Valerie Harper was given months to live in 2012. But now, five years after her terminal brain cancer diagnosis, the acclaimed actress who starred in the Mary Tyler Moore Show is still going strong.

Robin Gardner (inset with her daughter), 63, from Maine, was allegedly hit and killed Friday by Tyler Creighton (main), 25. Creighton was allegedly texting at the time of the collision.

Joshua Edward Teel, 28, who skipped out on a court hearing on a hate crime charge in August 2012 has been rearrested in Oregon after being on the run for five years.

The motorcycle cop who doesn't know how to ride a motorcycle: Shocking video shows a member of the public helping a struggling police officer mount and drive her bike

A motorcycle cop was captured on video fumbling around during an unsuccessful attempt to operate a bike on their own. In concerning footage captured Monday from the side of an unknown road, the officer, believed to be a woman, is shown struggling to stay steady on the bike as she tries to ride off into traffic. Before long, a Good Samaritan is seen running up to the officer as he holds her bike level to assist her in getting on.

The heartwarming clip of the tiny animals was taken in Fuzhou City in China's southeastern Fujian Province. The partially sighted shrews cling onto each other to make sure no-one gets left behind.

People around the world offered up iced cakes and cookies as they tried to apologise for their very naughty behaviour. One man vomited in his friend's home, while another wet the bed.

During a recent meeting of the Russian Security Council, officials discussed an initiative to create an alternative to the Domain Name System used around the world, citing security concerns.

Puppy pampering! Dog sounds like it's saying 'oh mama!' while really enjoying bath time

An adorable video shows the moment when a pup ecstatically yelps as his owner gives him a bath, sounding as if he is shouting 'oh mama'. 'Oh Mama' it sounds like the dog barks as the woman scrubs away and acknowledges that the wash must feel good. It is unknown where the video was filmed but it appears to be in the United States.

The Archdiocese of Washington, DC says their Christmas ad campaign was denied by the city's Metro system for being religious.

The chairman of the FCC, Ajit Pai, accused social media company Twitter of being politically biased on Tuesday as he defended his plan to roll back rules intended to ensure a free and open internet.

Heartwarming moment mother elephant is reunited with her calf after it had fallen down a well - before WAVING in thanks at the baby's rescuers

This is the heartwarming moment a mother elephant was reunited with her calf after it was trapped in a well. The baby elephant had fallen down a muddy hole in Kerala, India, during the night while the herd was passing a village. Villagers were woken up by the calf's desperate cries for help and as they went to see what was making the noise they found the animal digging helplessly against the dirt in a futile bid to escape. A digger was brought in to help and eventually, after five hours of work, the little elephant was freed. In stunning scenes, the calf immediately sprinted towards its waiting mother, who emerged from the trees and waded through a river to be reunited with her baby.

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Prince Christian of Hanover weds Alessandra de Osma

Prince Christian of Hanover, 32, the stepson of Princess Caroline of Monaco, married his long-term girlfriend Alessandra de Osma, 25, in a quiet ceremony at Chelsea and Westminster registry office on Sunday (inset, the couple kissing). The union precedes a lavish religious wedding in Peru next March. Alessandra, 25, wore an elegant tweed cream coat and a pair of nude Aquazurra heels (seen left) that were almost identical to the ones from the same brand that Meghan Markle wore for her engagement announcement yesterday (right).

Basma Hameed, 31, is a certified micro-pigment implantation specialist who tattoos pigment to cover scars, burns and birthmarks. She discovered this method after suffering facial burns.

CCTV footage captured the moment a hapless thief plummeted through the ceiling of a supermarket in Straubing, in the German state of Bavaria. Police are probing the raid.

Butterscotch the dog had been missing for over a week in Las Vegas, Nevada. His owner found him and surprised her husband with his safe return, who burst into tears.

The annual office Christmas party is a great time of year to let your hair down and have fun. But if you're strategic, there's a chance you could use the yearly shindig to your advantage.

Marching to the beat of a different drummer: Adorable video shows Totoro the cockatiel dancing along to his owner's finger taps?

A video shows the moment a cockatiel named Totoro tap dances with his feet. He begins his performance by rapidly tapping his feet on a box to make noise in quick succession. His owner taps on a box with his finger and Totoro mimics his movements. The adorable bird lives in Taipei, Taiwan.


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Who do YOU think wins? Incredible footage shows a Formula E car racing a CHEETAH in a savannah sprint

The incredible race was set up by Formula E, and took place on a landing strip in a remote part of the Western Cape of the southern tip of Africa. Jean-Eric Vergne, a driver who recently won the Montreal E-Prix, was pitted against a cheetah. In the video, the cheetah can be seen taking an early lead, striding ahead of the race car in the first few seconds of the race. The incredible race was set up to highlight the impact of climate change on a species increasingly under threat.

This video is NOT reversed: Wingsuit daredevils jump off mountain, catch up with a moving plane and jump aboard

Two daredevils completed an incredible stunt that saw them fly into the cabin of a moving plane after leaping from the top of a mountain. Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet base jumped from 13,000ft before speeding through the air at 85mph and somehow managing to glide into the aircraft using wingsuits over the Swiss Alps. The pair were celebrating the 20th anniversary of fellow daredevil Patrick de Gayardon's achievement which saw him jump from an aircraft with a wingsuit before flying back into the plane. Fugen and Reffet's wore headcams for their heartstopping stunt and the entire event was captured on video.





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